2PM TO 4.30PM



Windmill Hill Flower Show began in 1884 at the Horse Shoe Inn, Posey Green. In 1888 it moved to the cricket field at Windmill Hill Place. The Show rapidly became a huge event, including sports, and attracting entries from far and wide. The shops would close for the day and people would attend in ‘gala garb’.

The Flower Show has continued, in various locations, to the present day, and moved to its present home when the Reid Hall opened in 1992.

The Show depends on the support of many members and friends, particularly on the Friday and the day of the Show. If you can offer any help, such as running a stall or transporting equipment, please contact the committee, or send a message through the website.

If you have never entered a show before, please do not feel you need to be an expert. Just enter whatever you grow in your garden or make a cake. With so many prizes available, you are likely to win something. Classes in the children’s section are divided into three age groups.

Windmill Hill Horticultural Society will not be responsible for the loss or damage to any exhibits or personal property

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Chairman:                                   Mrs P Vasey
Hon. Treasurer:                         Mrs C Hampshire
Hon. Secretary:                         Mrs J Cheshire
Committee:                                Mrs M Harding, Mrs S Page, Miss P Stewart, Mr R and Mrs C Shepherd


Section 1: Flowers
Section 2: Flower Arranging
Section 3: Fruit & Vegetables
Section 4: Novelty Section
Section 5: Home Produce
Section 6: Children’s Classes
Section 7: Photography
Section 8: Handicrafts

Mr S Hills
Mrs P Hayes
Mr C Rose
Mr E Barron
Mrs S Davies and Mrs M Hughes
Mrs N Carter
Mr R Beckwith
Mrs M Hughes


For all classes, except where otherwise stated.

First: £2             Second: £1            Third: 50p

Over £300 in prize money
22 Cups & Trophies to be awarded

The Committee would like to thank the following businesses and organisations which have supported the Show in 2022

Parker & Son,
Ninfield 01424 892933
The Malthouse,
Herstmonceux 01323 819216
The Lamb Inn, WartlingLime Cross Nursery, Herstmonceux
01323 833229
PGL Travel Ltd, Windmill Hill Place
0333 321 2116
Honeysett Groundcare, Herstmonceux
01323 833057
Comphurst Cross Country, Windmill Hill
07541 032398
The Bull’s Head Inn Boreham Street
01323 831981
Windmill Hill Garage, Windmill Hill
01323 833311
Boreham Mill Nurseries, Boreham Street
01323 832103
The Truggery, Coopers Croft, Herstmonceux
01323 832314
SJ’s Flowers at Gingers Green Gingers Green
07976 320576
Hoop Design
Wartling 01323 832137
Big Sky Tipis,
Wartling 01323 832325
Geo’s Coffee House,
The Little Bake Shop,
Herstmonceux 01323 833182
Taylor Plumbing and Heating, Boreham Street
The Village Pet Shop, Herstmonceux
01323 831991
Jenny Hook Curtains, Herstmonceux
07969 738997
Henners Vineyard, Herstmonceux
01323 0832073


and the Winners in 2019 (the last show)

The Banksian Medal: RHS Award given to the winner of the highest number of points in the Flower, Fruit & Vegetable classes. (Winners in the last two years are not eligible)
Reid Cup: Highest number of points in the whole show
Barbara Page Memorial Vase: President’s Choice from the Flower & Decorative Classes
Edward Wilmoth Rose Bowl: Best Rose Exhibit
Evan Barron Cup: Highest number of points in the Flower Section
Chilsham Cup: Best Flower Exhibit
Kathleen Akehurst Cup: Best Gladioli
Merritt Cup: Best Pot Plant
Jim Akehurst Cup: Class 109. Six stems of Annuals
MacDonell Trophy: Class 111. Bunch of Cut Garden Flowers
Tom Simmons Trophy: Class 112. Best Exhibit in Sweet Peas
Hance Cup: Class 117. Best Fuchsia
Cutler Cup: Best Flower Arrangement
Tobex Cup: Highest number of points in the Fruit & Vegetable Section
Richardson Cup: Best Exhibit of Vegetables other than Onions
Simmons Cup: Best Onions
Parkes Cup: Class 404. Largest Marrow by weight
Elliot Cup: Highest number of points in the Home Produce Section
Appleby Cup: Best Exhibit in Home Produce
Star Garage Cup No 1: Highest number of points in Children’s Section ages 5 and under
Star Garage Cup No 2: Highest number of points in Children’s Section ages 6-11
Tasker Trophy: Highest number of points in Children’s Section ages 12-16
Certificate of Merit (Photography)
Certificate of Merit (Handicrafts)

Gordon Webb
2018 winner: Gill Blunden

Georgia Band

Lynda Knight

June Axon
Gill Blunden

Peter Saunders
Gill Blunden
Carolyn Shepherd
Derek Hampshire

Gill Blunden

David Adby

June Axon
Marian Harding
Gordon Webb

Lesley Morgan

Gill Blunden
Georgia Band

Georgia Band

Georgia Band
India Rose Vasey

Willow Band

Georgia Band

Robert Shepherd
Lesley Morgan

Please return Trophies (clean) no later than 28th June to Cathy Hampshire, Rockwell House, Wartling, BN27 1RY


Entries are welcome from everyone, members and non-members alike, wherever they live

(See each Section and Class for Special Rules)

  1. Produce must be grown by the exhibitor. More than one person may exhibit from the same garden.
  2. The horticultural entries will be judged according to RHS rules.
  3. Home Produce and Handicrafts will be judged according to WI rules.
  4. The exhibitors must confine themselves to the number required as specified in the schedule. Varieties should be named where possible.
  5. The reception and display of entries on the morning of the Show will be between 8.00am to 9.45am only, after which time the Hall will then be closed for judging.
  6. Only ONE exhibit per person per class.
  7. The Society does not provide vases/plates/boxes etc for display.
  8. No entry will be accepted unless made on the entry form included in this schedule. This is to be returned, together with your entry fees, to either: Cathy Hampshire, Rockwell House, Wartling, BN27 1RY; Gill Blunden, Ambrizette, Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux, BN27 4JX; Boreham Mill Nursery, Boreham Street, BN27 4SD
  9. not later than 6.00 pm on Wednesday 3rd August 2022. Positively no entries will be accepted after this date.
  10. The Treasurer is aware of each individual’s exact prize money. Prize money will be paid out at the Show between 3.00pm and 4.30pm. After 4.30pm it will be considered a donation to the Society.
  11. In the event of there being only one entry in a Class, no prize will be given except on the special recommendation of the judge, and then not necessarily a first prize.
  12. Presentation of exhibits is considered by the judge, i.e. clean pots, removal of dead foliage etc.
  13. Exhibitors’ entry cards must not be removed before the end of the Show. Exhibits must not be removed until after the presentation of cups, but before 5.30pm.

Any entry that is NOT According to the Schedule CANNOT be considered by the Judges.The RHS and WI Handbooks are available for reference at our monthly meetings.


Please read the rules for the Show, and the Special Rules which apply to Sections or individual Classes.

Click the link below to download an Entry Form

Please complete a separate entry form for each person entering the Show, including children, and sign where indicated. The entry fee for all classes is 30p per class. Please put your completed entry form with your entry fees in a sealed envelope and addressed to ‘WHHS Flower Show Entry’ and deliver NO LATER THAN 6PM on Wednesday 3rd August 2022 to either:
Cathy Hampshire, Rockwell House, Wartling, BN27 1RY
Gill Blunden, Ambrizette, Hailsham Road, Herstmonceux, BN27 4JX
Boreham Mill Nursery, Boreham Street, BN27 4SD

Come to The Reid Hall between 8am and 9:45am, collect your exhibit cards and display your exhibits. Be careful about the quantity of items required, and any size restrictions in the class, because exhibits which are ‘not as schedule’ will not be judged. Allow yourself enough time, as the hall will be closed for judging at 9:45am.

Bring your friends to the show from 2pm and see how you have done. Collect your prize money from the Treasurer’s table before 4.30pm (if not donating it to the Society). Take your exhibits away as soon as presentation of prizes has finished.

Section 1- Flowers

101Three Gladioli, large floweredMrs E Harris
102One Gladiolus Specimen BloomHenners Vineyard
103Three Decorative DahliasMr S Wicks
104Three Cactus DahliasTaylor Plumbing & Heating
105Five Pompon Dahlias (maximum diameter 5cm)
106Three Dahlias of any other type
107Three Dahlias of any other typeMrs C Shepherd
108One Vase of Six Stems of Perennials six kinds (not shrubs)SJ’s Flowers
109Six Stems of Annuals of three kindsMr D Hampshire
110One Vase of Five Stems of Red Flowers with at least three
different kinds
Mr W Redi
111A Bunch of Cut Garden Flowers with their Own Foliage (Max
diameter 50cm). Will be judged on quality and kind, not effect. It must be tied
Boreham Mill Nurseries
112One Vase of Sweet Peas (9 stems without foliage)Mrs E Wilmoth
113One Rose Specimen BloomThe Malthouse
114One Vase of Three Modern Roses (Not Cluster)Mrs J Beeney
115Three Stems of Cluster RosesThe Pet Shop
116One Foliage Plant in a Pot (Pot not to exceed 20cm internal
Lime Cross
117One Fuchsia in a Pot (Pot not to exceed 20cm internal
Mrs K Pope
118A Geranium (Pelargonium) in a Pot (Pot not to exceed 20cm
internal diameter)
119A Fibrous Root Plant in Flower (Not classes 116 to 118. Pot not
to exceed 20cm internal diameter)
Lime Cross
120A Bulb, Corm or Tuber Rooted Pot Plant in Flower (Pot not to
exceed 20cm internal diameter)
Lime Cross
121Three Stems of Hydrangeas
122Three Sprays of Flowering Shrubs (Not to exceed 50cm in
Mrs L Knight
123A Patio pot with a minimum 3 different plants (Pot not to
exceed 40cm)
Parker and Son
124A patio pot planted with a minimum of 3 different types of
plant. (Not to exceed 30cm internal diameter)

Section 2- Flower Arranging

Purchased material may be used in this section.
No artificial flowers allowed.
Exhibit: accessories and bases allowed.
Arrangement: only flowers, containers and supports allowed.
Space Allowed: this is the maximum width and depth measurement.

201An Exhibit of Wild Flowers (Space 50cm x 50cm) To exclude
any rare, protected or invasive species.
202An Exhibit on a Beach Theme (Space 50cm x 50cm)
203An Arrangement in an item of footwear (Space 50cm x 50cm)Mrs. O. Hagues
204An Arrangement using foliage only (Space 50cm x 50cm)Lamb Inn,
205A Pink plus One Other Colour Arrangement (Space 50cm x
Mrs C Hampshire
206A Bowl of Floating Flower Heads and/or Petals. Leaves may be
used (Max diameter 25cm)
207Miniature Arrangement (Not exceeding 10cm high x 10cm
wide x 10cm deep)
Jenny Hook

Section 3 – Fruit & Vegetables

301An Exhibit of Fruit of Any One Kind.Bull’s Head,
Boreham Street
302Five Tomatoes
303A Truss of Cherry Tomatoes, on a plate
304A dish of 5 radishesWindmill Hill
305Four (4) Potatoes any shape, white, not to exceed 225g eachLamb Inn,
306Four (4) Potatoes any shape, other than white, not to exceed
225g each
Mrs M Harding
307Six (6) Pods of PeasMrs L Hagues
308Four (4) Runner BeansMrs P Vasey
309Six (6) Pods of French BeansLamb Inn,
310Two Cucumbers Grown under Glass
311Two Cucumbers Grown OutdoorsParker and Son
312Two Marrows, maximum 35 cms in lengthMr S Wicks
313Three Carrots – stump rooted
314Three Carrots – long taperedMr W Reid
315Three Round Beetroots
316Three Onions under 250g eachMr R Goodship
317Three Onions over 250g eachHoneysett
318Six Shallots (single bulbs)
319Four Bunches of Distinct Kinds of Cut Culinary Herbs in one
container (Judged on foliage quality)
Court Lodge Farm
320Three CourgettesWindmill Hill
321A Vegetable of any other kind not specified in the Schedule
3222 bulbs of garlicHoneysett
323One herb Grown in a Pot (max internal diameter 10cm)
325A Chilli Pepper Grown from Seed in a Pot (max internal
diameter 18cm)
Mrs S Ross

Section 4 – Novelty Classes

401Salad leaves grown in an eggboxThe Malthouse
402A Wonky Vegetable (strange to look at but great to eat) with a
403The Longest Runner BeanParker and Son
404The Largest Marrow by weight
405The smallest ripe tomato
406Potato Growing Competition: Greatest weight of Potatoes grown from one tuber.
Exhibits to be brought to the show still in the container in the growing medium to be emptied and weighed at the show. All entries in these classes are to be clearly labelled with your name. If needed, instruction sheets are available from the
Court Lodge Farm

Section 5 – Home Produce
Please do not use oversized boards/plates to display your entries, as space is limited.
All exhibits in Classes 501 to 511 to be covered.
Classes 513-518: If using recycled jars, new caps must be used. Plain jars to be used (min 225g), filled to the top and labelled with the date (d/m/y) of making. Labels must be on straight.

501A Homemade Wholemeal Loaf (Not from a Bread Maker)Mrs C Hampshire
502Three white bread rolls
503Five Pieces of Shortbread
504Five Meringue Halves, without filling (Not piped)
505A Carrot cake, frostedMrs E Harris
506Victoria Sandwich (3 egg)Parker and Son
507Five Cheese Scones (Plain Round Cutter 6cm)Geo’s Coffee
508Five Cup Cakes (Hand Iced and No Bought Decorations)Ms L Knight
509A Quiche approx. 20cm, any flavour or fillingMrs C Shepherd
510Five flapjacksThe Little Bake
511A Salad made ONLY of home grown ingredients on/in a plate/bowl (max 25cm)
This Class will be judged on produce (75%) and presentation
Mrs H Goodship
512Six Eggs of One Colour (NB: One will be cracked open to judge
the quality)
Lamb Inn,
513A Jar of Lemon Curd (No metal tops)Mrs S Ross
514A Jar of Orange MarmaladeP Stewart
515A Jar of Raspberry JamLamb Inn,
516A Jar of Named Jam (not Raspberry)
517A Jar of Fruit Jelly
518A Jar of Chutney.
Chutney to be at least 3 months old and sealed with a vinegar proof screw top lid. (If your chutney is ‘HOT’ please put a warning label on the jar for the judge).
Miss A Hamilton

Section 6 – Children’s Classes
No names may appear on any exhibit.
Entries must be child’s own work.
All exhibits in this section receive a small prize for entering

601Age 5 and under: A potato printBig Sky Tipi
602Age 5 and under: A flower paintingSJ’s Flowers
603Age 5 and under: A model of a mini-bugBig Sky Tipi
604Age 5 and under: An edible necklaceMrs P Vasey
604Age 6-11: An animal made of fruit and/or vegetablesHoop Design
606Age 6-11: A colour photograph taken in a gardenPGL Travel Ltd.
607Age 6-11: Something you have grown yourselfPGL Travel Ltd.
608Age 6-11: Five named garden flowers in a mugBig Sky Tipi
609Age 12-16: A colour photograph of an animalPGL Travel Ltd.
610Age 12-16: A collage made of natural materialsPGL Travel Ltd.
611Age 12-16: A garden in a box or seed trayLime Cross
612Age 12-16: A tray bakeMr R Shepherd

Section 7 – Photography
Your prints will be displayed for you by the Steward. Please bring them in an envelope with your name on and put your name and class number on the reverse of each of your photographs.
Print sizes not to exceed 18cm x 13cm including any borders. All prints to be unframed.
No image exhibited in a previous year may be entered.

701Two Separate Colour Prints on a Horticultural Theme from two
702Colour Print of domestic animal(s)Comphurst Cross
703Black & white Print on a Horticultural ThemeMr D Hampshire
704Colour Print of a Woodland Scene
705Colour Print with a Local Interest
706Colour Print of a LandscapeThe Truggery
707Colour Print of Growing Flower(s) or FruitLime Cross
708A Colour Print on the theme of weatherMr D Harding

Section 8 – Handicrafts
No item exhibited in a previous year may be entered.

801An Item of Needlework
802A Painting or DrawingParker and Son
803An Item of Handmade JewelleryThe Malthouse
804A Knitted or Crocheted ArticleMrs L Knight
805A Greetings Card on a Floral ThemeMr R Shepherd
806A small Item of Woodwork (max size 50cm x 50cm)Mr A Guile
807NEW FROM OLD: A Useful Item made from Recycled MaterialsThe Truggery
808Any Other Handicraft Item, using any material, for example paper, clay, glass, mosaic.
(NB: Table & floor space for display is limited)
Comphurst Cross Country

Windmill Hill Horticultural Society

Growing and Showing since 1884

Membership of the Society for 2022 is £5 per person. In addition to running Windmill Hill Flower Show, WHHS has a programme of meetings and outings throughout the year. Admission to meetings at the Reid Hall is £3, or £1.50 for members.

The remaining meetings programmed for 2022 are:

Thursday 1st September. 7.00 for 7.30pm at Reid Hall. Thursday 6th October 7.00 for 7.30pm at Reid Hall.

Thursday 3rd November 7.00 for 7.30pm at Reid Hall

Thursday 1st December. 7.00 for 7.30pm at Reid Hall. Christmas decoration making using natural materials